2 Guns Movie with Denzel Washington

2 Guns Movie with Denzel Washington Denzel Washington is pleased to alternate roles in dramas and non-valuable roles in action films that have guaranteed success at the box office and will launch tomorrow in North American theaters cop thriller "Safe House", after has just completed filming the drama "Flight" under the guidance of director Robert Zemeckis, and now sitting at the negotiating table with the Universal Pictures studio producers to team up with Mark Wahlberg in a cop thriller "2 Guns".

Inspired by the eponymous graphic novel creator Steven Grant, "2 Guns" stage of gestation is about three years and a half, David O. Russell's expressing direct interest in January 2011, only to abandon ship eight months later to focus on the comedy "The Silver Linings Playbook," Mark Wahlberg in August 2011 taking the role left vacant after the departure of Vince Vaughn's distribution and Icelandic Baltasar Kormákur ("101 Reykjavik", "Contraband", "Inhale") setting up as a director seat in October 2011.

In 2010 speculated that Vince Vaughn will reunite with Owen Wilson, partner of crazy romantic comedy "Wedding Crashers" on the set of thriller with comedic elements "2 Guns", but both dropped between time commitments and until now not found a suitable replacement for Owen Wilson, but if the double Oscar winner Denzel Washington will leave convinced to sign the contract, the film will gain added value and will surely attract many spectators in the cinema.

Comic hero "2 Guns" are Trench and Steadman, the first being an undercover agent of the Anti-Drug Squad and the second being a secret agent of the Navy, without any of them to know what it does other . Trench attracts the Steadman's plan to rob a local bank that believes that money should be deposited dirty Mafia, thinking that will not only be thieves who steal from other thieves. Although both are cops, Trench and Steadman not realize that, in fact, do not steal from organized crime leaders, but are victims of staging even the Mafia plotted to deprive the CIA of $ 50 million.